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    Our products

    Merolla Campane products are of the highest quality.
    The use of advanced technologies make us reliable over time.
    They assure the customer the safety of the delivered product.

The Merolla Bells

The three steps to the making of our bells

First phase

The construction of the bell core with bricks and clay. Then, layers of clay are applied to the brick-core creating what is called the false bell.

Second phase

The false bell is then covered with molten wax, then captions, dates and inscriptions are applied on its well-polished surface. The surface is then covered with a further layer of clay which form the mantle or shirt of the bell.

Third stage

Wax melts and then drains out from the mold, leaving the negative inscriptions impressed on the mantle, which is then lifted and placed on the brick core once the false bell has been broken away and removed.

Kt. Michele Merolla

Headquarter Via Catapani, 15 84018 Scafati (SA)
Factory Via XXV Aprile, 117 80040 Poggiomarino (NA)

Telephone +39 081 528 57 77
Fax +39 081 338 11 62
E-mail info@merollacampane.com


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