• “You keep blaring your trumpets. We will ring our bells! “

    Merolla has always been highly professional and reserved the utmost respect to the customers in attempt to putting their interest forward at all.

Our services

  • Bellfounding and bell casting

  • Mechanics and dynamics of bells

  • Concerts of bells

  • 3D design

  • Electronic bells

  • Automatic headstock

  • Computerized electronic control units

  • Steel bell towers

  • Clock Towers

  • Immediate technical assistance

These are our bells:

of the bells is the sound of the times and transmits joy, peace, silence and calls to gather.
goes beyond mountains and valleys to fill the hearts, and the tolls vibrate in their souls shaking them from the rhythm of modern life.
the thickness of the mantle, the weight, the suspension system and the metal structure determine the intensity of the sound.
of the frame must allow the bell to swing freely and the horizontal thrust must be absorbed by a relatively heavy frame resting without anchoring on shock absorbing plates and arranged in the massive floor to prevent the transmission of vibrations from spreading inside the Church.

Turn your dreams
into reality

The work process that
makes a difference

  • Company presentation

  • Site Inspection with photos

  • Implementation process

  • Execution of works

  • Trial and delivery

Our latest work

Every job delivered is a professional satisfaction for us. Testing and delivery finalize our work process and the enthusiasm of our customers gives us the energy to undertake another job!

Kt. Michele Merolla

Headquarter Via Catapani, 15 84018 Scafati (SA)
Factory Via XXV Aprile, 117 80040 Poggiomarino (NA)

Telephone +39 081 528 57 77
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Light meets art.
Art meets sound

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