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Ad Verbum Vitae cum dan dan dico venite

Faith has inspired and continues to inspire a company that continues to win acclaim in this field through its time-honored experience and a vocation that has become the culture of the Merolla company itself. As time passes and history changes its course, dismantling old beliefs, what is good that is handed down from father to son and destined to remain unchanged over time.

Communicating means sharing and to use in common. In order to communicate, Jesus shared his life. He was the greatest communicator the world has ever known. He communicated with silence, with words, with gaze, with gestures, with actions, with the soul, he communicated Love in the name of Love, in the name of God, the Father Almighty.

The Word of Jesus continues to communicate, in all moments, in every corner of the world in all languages, without end and humanity has a constant need to listen to it, to perceive it, through joy, pain, through sound, to see it through a glance, to touch it through actions, to appreciate it through art work, to renew it through example to live from His presence.

Among the many sounds there are to choose from we have chosen the tinkling one of the bell
that comes closest to the glory of God.

Kt. Michele Merolla

The work process that makes the difference

The working process of Campane Merolla is our biggest strength. We use all our skills to guarantee our customers achieve the result they desire and guarantee each step of the process is carried out with attention to detail and professionalism.
  • Company presentation

  • Location scout with photos

  • Rendering presentation of the project

  • Execution of works

  • Trial and delivery

“You keep blaring your trumpets.
We will ring our bells!”

Merolla has always been highly professional and reserved the utmost respect to the customers in attempt to putting their interest forward at all.

He believes that his expertise, passion and maximum commitment are essential to produce excellent results.

Professionalism goes hand in hand with serenity and security therefore his team is made up of experts. He offers technologies that are more advanced making sure that he meets the necessities and requirements of the clients.

Our latest works

Each delivered job is a professional satisfaction for us. Testing and delivery conclude our work process and the enthusiasm of our customers gives us the energy to undertake additional jobs!

Kt. Michele Merolla

Headquarter Via Catapani, 15 84018 Scafati (SA)
Factory Via XXV Aprile, 117 80040 Poggiomarino (NA)

Telephone +39 081 528 57 77
Fax +39 081 338 11 62
E-mail info@merollacampane.com


Light meets art.
Art meets sound

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