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Our history

This extraordinary environment inspired and still inspires a firm that keeps on conquering consents thanks to its thirty years old experience in this field and to a business vocation which has become the culture of "MEROLLA".

Time goes by and history changes, crumbling old convictions, but what is handed on from father to son is destined to remain unchanged forever: the TRANSPARENCE in the relations between tha firm and its customer, which is primary in human relations, a timely, accurate and lasting ATTENDANCE, the COMPETENCE in projecting which provides for the combination of the most traditional methods with the most advanced installation technics.

The QUALITY of the product and the work entrusted to skillful hands, the ACCESSIBILITY of costs, aiming at an advantageous mutual meeting between the firm and its customer, constitute a certain WARRANTY of the existance of positive values, which encouraged those who consolidated and made important the name of this firm for decades