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Electronic power plants of bells for churches

Electronic power plants of bells programming clepsydra is an unfailing, versatile and compact elctronic programmer, for the control of traditional bells and tower clocks.
It is available with 4,8,16,24 and 32 exits.

  • It controls till 32 different exits, for motors, strikers, brakes, illumination, heating etc.
  • Control of 1 entry (optional) to take the stop position of the bells.
  • Capacity of recording 170 sounds and 80 programmes of service.
  • Possibility of composing and recording (on the spot) with extreme simplicity melodies, carillon or sonatas by full peal, or alarm bells.
  • Automatic and differentiated programming according to the different periods of the year (summer, winter, May).
  • Programming of fixed festivities: Christmas, Immaculate Conception, Our Lady; and variable ones: Easter, the first Friday of the month, etc.
  • Control and automatic regulation of tower clock's pointers, even after the want of electric tension with the recovery of lost time.
  • Self-obliterating of the programmes which are not repeated.
  • Striking-hours clock with 22 different ways.
  • Immediate start of 4 different sounds by radio control.
  • Possibility of synchronize the time with extreme precision thanks to an optional automatic radio sounder.
  • Possibility of programming the apparatus by a computer (pc), even by telephone, for a greater simplicity of installation, maintenance and use.
  • Possibility of loading and discharging the data from another programmer, even by telephone.
  • Possibilityof recording the data on a recording tape.
  • Preservation of the data even without electric tension for long periods (more than 30 days).